How It Works

  • Step 1

    • Pick a link that you wish to secure. If your link is a link, then simply add an "s" infront of it. For example "" then becomes "". Congratulations, your link is now secure and ready to be shared. If your link is NOT a link, then simply copy and paste it into our link generator above.
  • Step 2

    • When you're ready, click "Generate secure link". We will use the link you provided to create a secure link, which will require anyone who clicks it to pass a reCAPTCHA bot test to verify that they are a real person.
  • Step 3

    • Share your secure link as you would any other link, and watch as your traffic quality improves instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will this help me?+-

Bots and other malicious traffic are becoming a bigger and bigger problem on the internet. There are more bot netorks out there than ever before and they are becoming more sophisticated every year. By removing bot traffic from your link clicks you will a) improve the quality of your traffic, leading to better SEO and search engine rankings, and b) filter out zero-value bot clicks from your link analytics.

How do you secure my link?+-

We convert your link to a secure shortlink which will look something like this: When you share this link and a user clicks it, they are faced with a state of the art reCAPTCHA challenge to verify that they are a real person. Only if they pass this test are they automatically forwarded to your destintation url. A bot would simply not be able to pass this test and thus would be prevented from going to your destination url.

Why is this service free?+-

Instead of creating accounts for users and charging them for premium services, we instead run an ad-only revenue model. We thus keep the entire service 100% free for all users. We fully intend to keep it this way forever.

Is this service secure?+-

Yes, absolutely. We use the latest technology and follow our stringent privacy policy to prevent our users from coming to any harm or data loss.