From fake clicks to real security

From fake clicks to real security: How a Link Shortening Service with CAPTCHA Can Make a Difference Link shortening services are an excellent tool for shortening long and cumbersome URLs to more manageable links. However, these links are also highly susceptible to fraudulent clicks by bots, which can wreak havoc on your website’s analytics, SEO,… Continue reading From fake clicks to real security

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Why you should use a secure link shortening service

As the owner of a website, you’ve likely come across the issue of bot clicks at some point. These malicious bot clicks can harm your website’s analytics, SEO, and security. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: a link shortening service that protects users’ links with a CAPTCHA challenge. A link shortening service allows… Continue reading Why you should use a secure link shortening service

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Welcome to, a more secure link shortening service that stops malicious bots in their tracks. We launched this service because we believe there is a major issue with sharing links on social media: there are simply too many bots. Entire bot networks are constantly sniffing links shared on social media, generating meaningless clicks and… Continue reading Welcome